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Hot Rolled Plates

Custom rolling plates is our strength as we able to work with you on your project requirements to save on costs by providing tailor made solutions to all your plate requirements. We also provide various grades and comply with several international standards like: ASTM, CSA, AS/NZS, SANS, EN, DIN, JIS to name a few. Since we work with mills directly and have the needed relationships to take on smaller packages, we can accommodate small batch orders.

Welded Beams

We have a team of engineers who can assist you with all your welded beam product needs. With early engagement we will be able to provide you with solutions that will save you costs on your projects by reducing the following:
- Reducing wastage
- Reducing redundancies in the design
- Reducing the overall weight
- Reducing lead time

Other Products

Our ability to produce Non-Standard sections really reflects our ultimate strength. We ask that your engineers work with an open mind and design products that would not normally be produced by others, giving you the needed competitive advantage. We produce products such as; Castellated Sections, Box Beams, Tapered Beams, Cell-form Beams, Double Web Beams, Cruciform Beams, Queen Cross Beams, and others that are still under development. Lets us support you on all your non-standard products!

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